Daily Bible

There’s a love. Such a beautiful love that God has for us. One that we can’t really understand.

I still don’t. Oh how I could tell you stories of what a person I am. But no matter what? God loves me.

Things happen.
We believe lies.
Bad things happen.
Our eyes get clouded w other fancy stuff.
We lose sight of the only truth that matters.

God loves us. Friend? He is still there loving you. Waiting with arms wide open to accept you and clean you of your sins.

Our God is loving but just. Admit you are a sinner and accept Him into your heart. He is so kind and forgiving. Talk to Him. Find out the depths of His love for you right where you are. In this second.

I leave this challenge with you: ask Him to show you if He is real. But be prepared He will show you.

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