Just a thought

You know what I hate? When you read the Bible and it’s like: wait…what did I just read?

I read it over and over and nothing. Sometimes ADHD stinks greatly …

I heard a pastor say once keep reading it over and over until you do understand something.

I’m going through the Bible and currently reading Micah.

Have y’all read that? Deep stuff. Whoo…deep. But sometimes it’s too deep for my brain.

What do I end up doing? Praying asking God where I should be. What my heart needs and you know what? He does it. He shows me what my heart needs to hear for that day.

So take away? Yes. Keep reading. Never stop reading the Bible BUT it’s okay to ask God what in the world you are reading.

It’s okay to stop that chapter you are reading and read another.

Keep seeking out God my friends. He will bless that faithfulness immensely

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