being different

I’ve always been different.

My son has autism and the more I learn about him the more I identify with him. I’m not gonna get tested for it because honestly I am gonna be 41 – what would it help now? But back then? It couldve helped.

Granted I had undiagnosed PTSD and ADHD.

But still…..maybe it wouldve helped.

I was always the outsider. People were always so confusing to me. And hurtful.

But still I trusted and believed what the bible says: if you are a christian you are good.

Yeah….I know. But I was a kid.

So I was so different – I tried to fit in. Compromising my values….changing my ideas….just to fit in.

Never worked.

then I heard something that kinda hit home.

If you don’t fit in….with your family…your friends….your church. Stop trying to fit in. What if God made you to stand out? What if God doesnt want you fit in? What if God has called you for something great? Why would you fit in?


So here’s me basically 41 (2 more months) saying:


I’m not your average Christian. I may not be your cup of tea. But you know what? I am me. And God loves me the way that I am.

What are you gonna say?

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