He looked at the crowd. Fear gripped his heart.

‘what do I do? What do I say?’

The silence filled his heart. ‘where can i go? how do i get out of here?’

he scanned the room for his mom. Where was she? She would know….wait…..

he moved forward cautiously. not wanting to disturb anything.

‘mommy will know. gotta find mommy’

He opened to door to leave. ‘where was mommy? she shouldnt leave like this. something must be wrong.’

he left. determined to find his mom.

walking quietly down the hall his fear started to creep up his heart and into his throat.

‘i need to run. i need to get to mommy.’

he picked up his pace and now was by the door. he could no longer control himself and he started screaming. his fear was in his throat.

“mommy! mommy!”

As he got to the door he slammed with all his might to open.


his screams got louder as his fear reached his soul.

“Hey little man…whats wrong?”

“MOMMY!!!!!!” he needed his mother.

“Hey lets calm down,” the principal said without touching him, “your mommy is here. lets go look for her together.”

Little man threw himself on the ground. He didnt want to go looking. He wanted his mother now.

“Hey! Hey! I’m here! Deep breaths,” mommy finally came.

“Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the tears poured out of his face. She was here.

“I’m here. lets breathe. I’m here. I’m here. look at me. I’m here. I’m here,” his mother repeated praying deeply for God to soothe his soul.

“I’m not leaving. I’m here.”

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