Silence filled the room as she walked quietly and quickly up to the stage.

‘Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Oh my word. Is Chad looking?‘ She tried to look over at him. ‘Don’t fall. Don’t fall. Don’t fall.’

She had to concentrate on her flirty walk she couldnt see if he was looking.

Finally reaching the stage; she started up the stairs. discreetly she looked over her shoulder to the audience.

‘Ok. Chad is looking. Make this memorable Jess.’

She began to bounce up the stairs to the stage when….

She missed the stage and ended on her back.

Feet in the air.

She jumped up quickly and try to smile away the pain and embarrassment.

She quickly looked at Chad who was hysterical laughing.

‘Jess how can you be so stupid?’

“Jessica! I asked are you okay?” Asked the teacher.

“Sorry,” she replied. “Yes, I’m okay”

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