the room

She took a deep breath and just sighed.

‘Jesus I cant do this alone. Help me Lord please’

Her husband put his hand at the small of her back. “Come on babe. Time to go”

They walked to the car in silence. Fear gripping both their hearts. Both silently praying.

The drive was just as silent as they pulled into the hospital.

“I’ll drop you off front. wait for me,” her husband said.

‘ok…this aint no thing. God is with you. Just breathe.’

She waited quietly for him to park the car, watching as the doctors, nurses and other staff members arrive to the hospital. Then she felt it. Peace.

‘Thank you Lord.’

As her husband walked up to her, she couldnt help but smile. She knew what was coming but she knew greater who held her.

They proceeded through check in and walked together into the pre-op room.

She changed as her husband made small jokes. The fear crept back in. “You’ll be fine, you know that right?” her husband asked – as if he knew what she was thinking.

“I know. I know. but still.”

“I know.”

The doctors and nurses came into the room giving instructions and medicines. She barely heard the instructions. She just prayed.

‘God please be with these doctors and nurses. Give them wisdom. Guide them’

Then she got onto the gurney. And prepared for the words.

“well, this is it. Say goodbye to your husband.”

“Love you. I’ll see ya later”

“Love you.”

They started the trek to the operating room.

‘Lord please protect my family. I commit them to you. I commit my life to you. And I ask most importantly. Not my will but Yours done.’

“Well hello Mrs. Torres! Welcome to our room!”

The small talk began as they moved about the room. She cant hear but she knows….she knows…..God is in control.

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