God is kind

Friend? God is so awesome. And good. And powerful. And kind. Oh how I could go on.

But ya know what? This period of time in my life has been difficult. So difficult. This year alone my daughter had 2 colonoscopies – before she turned 10

My health took a major turn for the worse..

Thing after thing…don’t worry we’ll get to that. But through it all? God held me through.

Hand to my heart I have no idea how I got through it all. well except I do – it was all the Lord.

Encouraging and blessing me all the way. Mostly by this artist called kB. he’s not new but he’s new to me.

Song after song he came out with? God used mightily in my life. I promise you friend – God is doing the same for you.

I promise you, if you are a child of God? He’s ready to bless you and encourage you the same. Just look to Him. Be patient I. The chaos and look to find the still small voice. He will be there in ways you would never expect.

And if you are not? Oh my friend. You have no idea what you are missing. Right now in this very second? He loves you as you are. Loves you so much He sent His son. A piece of Him to die for you.

You right there. Right now. In your unbelief? He loves you. How do you get those blessings and feel that love?

Admit you are a sinner and accept Him as your savior.

Oh my friend. The joy that will fill your heart. The peace? The love? Surpasses all understanding.

Want to know Him and the power of His love?

Read the Bible. The book of John.

Need help with more? Let’s talk.

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