Everything is Praise Worthy

I remember the first time I heard this. It was after they found the first tumor in my body. I remember thinking – “Everything is praise worthy?” why the heck am I gonna praise God about this for?

Thats around the time I started pushing God away. Cause “if God is asking me to praise Him for these trials? I dont think i want to be a part of this.” Actually I’m not sure what made me start not believing God….but this could have been the catalyst honestly.

So I pushed Him more away.

still I heard this “Praise God in your storm” nonsense.

So one night I was at youth group – I was alone when I screamed out to God.

“WHY?!!! This is NOT fair!!!!!!!!!!! Why is this happening to me? Why should I believe you?”

I was pretty much closed off still then but slowly God started showing me why I should believe Him.

Tumor after tumor.

health scare after health scare.

I remember getting my first pap smear at the ripe old age of 14 (SIDENOTE: I had a tumor growing on my fallopian tube.). I remember walking in to the OB/GYN office with my mom and she said: “I’m so sorry you hafta go through this” – i know she meant well. But that terrified me.

It was so painful I left crying.

Shortly after my surgery? I had to have a repeat of that pap. I was terrified. And then for some reason I looked up as they started and just prayed. I praised God. And – what felt like – seconds later?

“You’re done!”

I wish I could say I immediately started praising God in everything. Ha. Still don’t do it every time.

Wha? I aint perfect

But my friend – I know that when I do my God who loves me will be there to give me the peace and strength to get through that storm.

Thats the whole point right?

Taking your eyes off of yourself and putting it on the ONLY person who can help. We are so hard wired to depend on ourselves. Theres even a movement (self empowerment) to try and convince you that you don’t need anyone. Y’all…..that not the point of trials. Thats not the point of living this Christian life!

The point of trials is so that you – in the middle of the storm? Turn to God who WILL save you.

28 Then they cry out to the Lord in their trouble,

And He brings them out of their distresses.

29 He calms the storm,

So that its waves are still.

Psalm 107:28-29

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