Sometimes I feel so alone. So mad that I’m in a certain situation. Currently I’m going through a bad flare up from IBS and a bad cold.

Did I ever mention to y’all that I’m a big whiner – thought I’d put that out there.

Anyways, alone. I feel alone. I feel misunderstood. Ashamed. Alone.

I hate it. I react. My trauma gets going and I’m not proud of it but I lash out.


Then i remember – God knows. And I cry out. Not the way you think though but I cry out.

“Why did you make me like this?”

“Why should I suffer?”

“It’s not fair!”

“God heal me please”

You see people get this idea that they need to pray nicely and quietly to God.

Nah my friend. You see – God already knows your heart. He’s knows your mad/sad/whatever emotion. But you know what? He wants to hear it from you.

My daughter has this nasty habit of keeping her feelings in – but she still can’t hide her emotions. Or I just know my daughter that well (take your pick) and I tell her to talk out her feelings cause “we don’t hide our feelings here”

That is exactly what God wants! For us to talk our feelings out with Him and only Him. He knows I hate this IBS. He didn’t want that for me – but it happened. So He’s gonna take this to teach me…He wants me to learn.

Learn how to be real with Him.

I challenge you to read the book of Job. See how real he was with God and God still blessed him

book of Job

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