Little secret for ya? I wanted to be a mom when I grew up because I wanted to be the one in charge. Yikes right? Yeah. Who’d a thunk? My mom – but thats a whole different…..thingie.

Anyways, honestly? I am just a selfish selfish person who whines a whole lot. In essence? Not mom material at all. I would even say im a horrible mom – stories to support that will never be told. So…Yeah….not a shining moment but its true. Welp. Moving on.

There are a lot of times where I find myself whining.

Ok I’ll stop.

But seriously when I am sick? like I am currently with a cold and still recovering from surgery and my IBS hates me? Dude….i mean look at that! I didnt hafta tell yall that – but i did. cause I like to complain. God forgive me but its true.

But in those moments of:

Why cant anyone help me?”

“Geez….no appreciation again…”

“doesn’t anyone realize how i am suffering?”

I am reminded of God.

Ha. I know right? But bear with me. What did Jesus do with His disciples? The teacher…the creator of the universe … not only made Himself a human; but he made himself like that of the lowliest servant (at that time).

Quick backstory: back then? the people either didn’t have shoes or wore very open sandals. So their feet got the brunt of … whatever was on the road. I’ll leave that to your imaginations….

yeah. exactly.

Anyway, when people would go to visit other homes their feet would be washed by hand by the lowliest servant. The one who…just wasn’t … together enough to do other chores.

Thats what Jesus did. He could call all of heaven down….no wait. He could blink and boom the feet would’ve been washed. But He lowered himself to the lowest position and showed His disciples … and all of us .. what it means to be a servant.

my point? Friend….its not about us. its not about the mothers doing the work….or the fathers….or even the children. Its about no one but God. Its about showing Gods love not only our speech but about how we serve each other.

Cause guess what friends? Some of your friends/coworkers/human beings – the only bible they will ever see is you. so serve like you are serving God.

Now pardon me while I go do another load of dishes.

35 And He sat down, called the twelve, and said to them, “If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.”

Mark 9:35

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