Setting myself a part

Setting yourself a part….I’ve always heard of this but what does it mean? I mean setting myself a part sounds kinda scary and lonely right? Especially for me – I deal with a lot of abandonment issues. To this day I hate being alone. Probably where my daughter gets it from – no wait. thats not how it works.

Focus Jess.

Okay. So i’ve always heard of this – and I think I alluded to it on here but recently? what does it truly mean? ya know? Like do I set myself away from people who think/act/speak differently, or wha?

Wow…..major question mark city.

Okay…enter my thinking if you dare. I watched a certain comic book movie that normally? I would’ve loved. But this time around? I was…….bothered by it.

I always say: “I’m not your average christian” and I still stand by it. But i notice? i am changing. ya know what I mean?

Since starting this ministry – i am finding myself more and more wanting to hear from the Lord. ya know? Like I cant get enough of God. It started with me just doing more research for my youtube and tik tok channels – but something happened.

After my surgery, I just binge watched the entire Clone Wars series and I started Star Wars Rebels – but as I was watching the shows? I felt like I wanted something more. So I did what you are supposed to do in these situations – I reached out to someone who is more …. seasoned? Wait…how do you say that? Do we even say that?

I reached out to my pastor there – I said it.

Anyways, I reached out to him for ideas for podcasts and books and so on. Cause I am tired of TV.

yall…..its like bananas in my head right now i just said that! But I am.

So back to what he said:

the more you pour out the more you will want to take in. Be available to listen to the Lord through the Word and make sure you leave time to sit with Him and regularly ask the Holy Spirit to fill you anew.

Pastor Dave

Y’all! That was it! I was reaching out to God and He was giving me a craving for Him. This is weird and new to me and I cant tell you enough how great this feels. To not only not be a couch potato but to be drawing closer to God.

And there it is – we are set a part because we are different. We get access to this purity, this major awesomeness, this….this….this awesome powerful God we become different! We change when we get closer. We are set in a different category.

We don’t hafta push people…we don’t hafta “act” a certain way…we become different. When we draw closer to God you change automatically cause you realize more and more the true character of God.

 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

James 4:8

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