The walk

She walked down the path….the walk seemed forever.

“mommy I’m scared”

“Its totally okay to be scared but please know there is nothing to worry about baby. I am right here.”

She kept quiet as they entered the building.

Should I do this? I want to …. but should i?

“Baby girl, you are doing so well. I am so proud of you. You got this superstar”

She walked with resolved.

I’m doing this. I’m gonna get my ears pierced.

They walked closer to the store and fear struck her heart.

The tears started to flow.

“Mommy I’m scared,” she quickly grabbed her mothers hand for assurance.

“Its okay baby. Remember this is nothing but if you are too scared? We dont hafta to this today honey.”

She wiped the tears from her eyes. “No. I want to do this,” she replied.

As her mother filled out the paper work, she looked at all the pretty jewelry that would now be available to her. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation.

Then it was time. She grabbed her mothers hand again. Tightly this time.

“You got this baby girl. I am right here and you got this.”

The tech began her work….fear crept in again. The tears flowed freely.

“Ok honey. We can walk away. You dont hafta do this. Its okay.”

“No mommy. I want to do this,” she wiped her tears but held on to her mothers hands.


“Oh….that didn’t hur……” she couldn’t hold the tears anymore. The relief, mixed with pain flowed freely. It was done.

She had faced her fear and won.

She held her mothers hand as they walked out the mall…..her fear calming down and her heart happy.

“She was taking her first step to being a young woman,” her mother thought as a tear fell down her face.

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