kids. right?

I mean….kids. right? I mean……

all the frustrations in the world come when you have kids. They never listen and they are always fighting back. For example? My kids like to play in the other room with their toys and they have got my ability…….they’re loud.

Like holy-goodness-are-you-deaf? loud.

Anyways, they always end up arguing and fighting….right there where i’m next to them. Like dude – do you not realize that I am sitting right here? Listening?

Do you get my correlation? wait did I say that right? Do you get my drift is what I am trying to say.

We are so like children.

We fight and yell and pick on each other – like God can’t see what we’re doing. And yet? He still loves us.

He gently guides us on our paths…lovingly corrects our faults….and is so unbelievably patient with us. Something that I unfortunately can’t say i am good at…at all.

Man….seriously y’all I am everything that God is not. But i’m trying.

Man, how He must look at us and just think…..well I couldn’t even fathom what He thinks. But ya know what I mean. Despite us always failing and always being ridiculous – He’s always there. Loving us. How awesome is that?

The Lord is merciful and gracious,

Slow to anger, and abounding in mercy.

Psalm 103:8

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