Cry out to Jesus

In all the trials in my life one thing I have finally started to realize? If you cry out to Jesus – He will answer you. He will always be there for you. Why?

Good question. Let me give you a couple of examples.

My daughter and I were driving home from an appointment and she saw I had like no gas. And I had to make 2 more stops before we could get gas.

BACKSTORY: At the time of this? I had a really … decrepit car. Would only take gas from one certain store. Which we were far from. Also? I have no traction on my car – the tires are fine its just the … something…something is messed up that I am not supposed to drive in the rain.

Anyways, she started having her nervous tics and I finally got her to open up about her fears.

“What if we run out of gas? I’m scared.”

Well, then we shall pray. Cause God doesnt want us scared. So when we are scared what do we do?


Yup. Lord we lift up this car to you and our safety. Please Lord let us get to the gas station with enough gas and let us get home safely. Amen.


We ran our errands and got to the gas station in time.

What does that show? It showed my daughter the power of prayer.

We got home and had to go back out later on.

“But its supposed rain. We shouldn’t go out.”

Lets pray right now. Lord we lift up to you this time. We ask that you would let us get to our stops safely and bring us home safely and please dont let it rain til we get home.

It didnt rain til after we got home.

Yall even if its simple as rain….or fixing a shirt – cry out to Jesus. He wants to hear you.

Hear my prayer, O Lord,

And let my cry come to You.

Psalm 102:1

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