Good food

Y’all I love to eat. Well I think a better term would be that i enjoy my food. Oh especially if its good? Yeah this mama is busting out her happy dance for real. For example?

I was driving to pick up my kids from my moms house when I opened a bag of funyuns. Y’all I dont share my funyuns, so I was determined to eat them before I got to my moms house.

No seriously.

Anyway, I got to a stop light and immediately dug into the chips. I started my happy dance and got into the zone. I told you I love funyuns.

Man. I miss my funyuns.

Anyways, I was almost done with the bag when I noticed – this red light was really long. I mean i was almost done with the bag right? I finally looked up at the light and noticed? the light was turning yellow.

I had missed the green light – Lord knows how many. There were no cars on that road.

I laughed it off – but I think about it now? Man. I pray that one day soon I get that way with the Lord. That the whole world just gets lost around me and its just me and Him.

Lord I pray that I get that relationship with you and that this whole world just falls away.


I cant wait til the rapture – just me and Jesus. Woo. I’m excited.

Are you?

17 I love those who love me,

And those who seek me diligently will find me.

Proverbs 8:17

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