Just me and You

ok Lord its just me and You. Whats up? Whats happening? Lord this past year has been one rollercoaster after another. Why?

Please Lord show me what you want me to know.

Guide me Lord.

This is a hard road that i am on. I dont understand all these medical issues. My daughter in the hospital. Me getting Covid. Me having heart troubles and lung troubles. Me having thyroid issues. My hip acting up. Am i getting something wrong?

Or do i need to learn something?

I hate this Lord. I’m sorry but I do. This doesn’t seem fair. I know someone said “if your Christian life is easy…you ain’t doing it right” – is that biblical?

Why am i going through this? Can you show me? Make it so evident to me? I know I’m kinda oblivious but can you show me?

I hate this so much.

But I do know you are in control. I ask more importantly Lord that not my will but yours be done.

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