Judas ate too

I saw this post on the socials (sorry cant remember where) – where this person had a tattoo that says: Judas ate too. Then they started talking about how they are just like Judas and how Jesus is so kind and loving and merciful and…so on….that he let Judas eat the last supper with them. And then they went on how they’re like Judas – unworthy of love.

While they were right…..they didnt get the point of what Jesus was actually doing there.

He was showing mercy. Mercy. He was giving chance after chance to repent. to confess to Jesus and find the truth of God’s love.

and that is how we are like Judas – cause we are my friend.

There have been many times I shook my fist at God. There have been many times I was angry at God and pushed him away. And boy….did I not deserve a second chance with God. But….my God is merciful.

Jesus gave Judas every chance – every chance to confess. And He is doing the same with me and you. He does not want us to die…He wants to offer us eternal life. What do we hafta do to get eternal life?

Confess our sins and ask Him to be the ruler of our life.

Thats it!

You and I? We are standing in a deep dirt hole of our own making. And we are trying desperately to get out – and we are extremely unsuccessful. So what is God doing?

He’s offering Jesus – who is offering us a way out. A ladder if you will to finally climb out that hole.

He doesnt want us to see us suffering needlessly. He’s offering us a life. A way to live outside the dirt.

Are you ready to accept help?

23 For the wages of sin is death, but the [a]gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

romans 6:23

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