I’ve always felt ugly. Always. Theres no if, ands or buts about that sentence. I grew up thinking I was gonna be fat and ugly – no. Thats not right. I grew up knowing I was fat and ugly. I knew I would never be good enough for anyone. I knew no one would love me. I knew if someone did marry me – they would leave me. They would hate me. Because I was ugly and never good enough.

Oh how I could go into a diatribe about how we truly are not good enough for God – but thats not the point i’m trying to make. cause no my friend. We are and NEVER could be good enough for God. But, again, thats not what I am talking about.

You my friend are a masterpiece.

Right there right where you are. You know how I know? God made you. Thats it plain and simple. Curly hair, straight hair, tall, short, green, white, whatever and however you look? God made you and knew this world needed someone like you. right there as you are.

If there are things you want to change? Fine go ahead. But know this – theres nothing….NOTHING you can do that will change the fact that you are a beautiful creation of God.

When God made you? He indeed did break the mold. There is no one in this world like you. Those scars, those pains, made you into the beautiful person that you are. I hate … i HATE that there is pain in the world. I know God didn’t mean for that to be entered into our world. And yes I could go on another diatribe there – but concentrate on this.

You are a masterpiece, I will say that til I am blue in the face. You are beautiful (Or handsome) as you are.

God saw your beauty and said I need (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE) in heaven with me.

SIDEBAR: Not literally – just trying to be poetic.

He saw you right there where you are and knew. KNEW there was only one way to save His beautiful creation. To send His Son, Jesus, to die for you. You didn’t have to earn His love. You don’t have to do anything but admit your sins, accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and know true love.

Here is something people dont realize. God is so pure and holy that when He sees sin? He sees….dirt. filth. Y’all? He sees a dirty sanitary pad. Sorry but its true. He sees all that – but He knows. He has always known He had to save you. He loves you that much – He sees you right now and loves you. He sees all the sins you have committed and will commit and wants to save you.

God loves you right where you are. What are you gonna do about that?

For one will scarcely die for a righteous person—though perhaps for a good person one would dare even to die— but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:7-8

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