I love God

I love watching God work. Its awesome. have you ever just sat back and looked at Him work? Like for real .. its awesome. Okay I know – enough of the 12 year old description. Well too bad. Its true. There is no other word to describe how Awesome God is.

I have many examples of God at work in my life for example? I was walking in NYC to my mom’s job (I cant find if I told this but sorry if I told this already) quickly. A man happened to cut me off and start walking slowly – my impatient self loved that. So i started walking a little too close behind him – I was looking for an opportunity to cut him off – when I started hearing him talk to himself.

He said somethings that I just wouldn’t repeat about me and I knew. Shoot. I had met a crazy person.

Immediately i remembered what my mom ingrained in me: call on Jesus; even if all you can say is Jesus. Do it.

So I started to say “Jesus” over and over.

The man immediately turned around with his hand raised and angered seared in his eyes – fear gripped my heart but i never stopped calling on the name of JESUS. And the first words out of his mouth – “Oh, I’m sorry”

Friend I saw absolute evil in his eyes turn to absolute fear. I knew what happened. I knew that man saw my guardian angel protecting me.

Heres another of God at work. And another.

Wait heres someone elses story….my friend was taking the NYC subway system home from work. The #1 rule about the NY subway system? Never and I mean NEVER ride in the last car. Ever. But this night? She was tired and wanted to get home.

There was a man in there by himself – doing stuff to himself when he saw her. And thats all I say. She saw him and got up to go to the next car – but he grabbed her as she got to the subway door. She screamed.

The subway door flew open and a tiny, little really old man stepped in to grab her. With one hand he grabbed her wrist and quickly and easily dragged her away from the man into the next car. She said (and I quote):

I flew into the next car – the door slammed and locked shut. I turned around and never saw the man again.

I could go on and on showing God’s awesomeness. I just want to leave you with this: God works mightily in our lives. Sometimes we can see Him at work – like my friend …. sometimes we just know – like me walking behind that crazy man.

Just remember no matter what? Call on the name of Jesus and He will definitely be there. Thats why I love God so much – cause He’s always there for me. Always.

13 For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Romans 10:13

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