its the little things

Its all about the little things right? Those are the things that matter. The little smiles, the words of encouragement. Even something as simple as putting on a movie someone likes. Those little things to remind the person they are loved and encouraged.

I love how God does that for us.

Quick recap: Ugh. I’m tired of the recaps. just follow the links. here and here.

I have gained almost 30lbs since my surgery just about 3 months ago. My body is reacting crazily to this massive weight gain. My breathing is haggard – not including what its doing to my asthma. My eating disorder recovery is being hampered. I have absolutely no brain power or energy. I am so officially not comfortable being me.

When I get like this? I complain – i mean check my twitter people.

I am in my valley. Each valley is so vastly different. But this valley is one of my mind. It sucks so majorly. I hate it.

But I am learning. Slowly but i am learning.

Its not about me. Its not.

Its about how I handle this situation and be that witness God has called me to be.

So here I am in this ….. sorry my brain is stopping ……… sucky situation. Wanting to cry and eat all the things. But I am gonna make the choice to seek out God.

Cause yeah – these times of trials suck. Majorly. But what matters is how we respond to those situations.

My kids see me and how I handle this. My husband, people at church, people online, people at walmart….everyone who sees me? In person or not? Sees a piece of Christ. So here I go making an effort to glorify God in everything.

I’m not saying I wont complain – cause people this sucks. Also? I am just a human being.

But what am I saying?

I will bring the focus back to where it belongs. God. Cause He is the only one that is gonna get me through. And those little things I talked about? God has a big book of them just for you. Heres one of those little reminders for you as I know I am not the only one who needs this:

I will lift up my eyes to the hills—

From whence comes my help?

My help comes from the Lord,

Who made heaven and earth.

Psalm 121:1-2 Please click link to read whole chapter of how much God loves you

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