Call upon the name of the Lord

Its been a time – heres the catch up link. And God has been teaching me a lot. But mostly how to call upon the name of the Lord. Like literally this lesson in trust? Is so freaking difficult. I hate it.

While of course on the other hand not trusting is worse. But it still sucks.

God forgive me.

For example the other morning I just was in my head big time. My thyroid levels are still not stable – so it was a fight in my head. And Yall I wanted to run away and hide. I wanted to just not be the woman God wants me to be.

Then God reminded me

You see a couple of years ago, I had a stalker at Walmart. No, he worked for Walmart. It was innocent enough – but it was very unsettling. Unfortunately that wasn’t my first issue having a stalker so i knew how to deal. Then one day – it got out of hand.

I was walking to my car with my kids and he passed us by and he gave me a weird look. something in my heart said run. Both my kids were still able to be in the cart so i sped walked….speed walked….I high tailed it out of there. And I started praying – please Lord be with us. Please Lord protect us. I kept thinking of that story of that man in NYC who almost punched me and knew God would be there.

But I didnt know why. And that scared me.

I got to my car which was by the front door put the kids in and noticed the guy walking angrily to me. With such determination. I started dumping the stuff in the car and kept praying.

I hadnt noticed but there was an older couple – mid 60’s…ish. There were by a car and the husband intercepted the stalker and got his attention away. I remember the stalker trying to wave me down. But I legit dumped everything in my car and sped away.

God will always be there. Remember that in those moments of trials. Those times when God was there for you even when you didnt think it would be possible. Why? Cause that will be proof to you as it was to me – God will never leave you.


And the Lord, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.”

Deut 31:8

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