I mean….just….i just….i hate where i am. Not because i need to be closer to God but i hate where i am … cause i am still just here. in the same place that i have been for years. not trusting.

I know. not shocking

but its frustrating cause I keep going through the same trial over and over cause i am such a knucklehead. Dude for real – why cant i just learn?

I know. i know. Christian life is all about learning to be better and be more like Christ. So i shouldn’t be shocked that i am going through difficulties. Cause i am such a knucklehead – how else am i gonna learn?

But still – trials suck.

I love when people are like “be happy you are going through a trial!”

Only one question i have for those who say that – “Have you ever been through a trial?”

Seriously though – I am learning one major thing though.

Every time you doubt and want to scream and punch someone – look to God. Don’t look anywhere else. Why?

Cause ain’t no one gonna fill that God shaped hole in your life.

No one.

God is the only one who can fulfill every need you have (remember we talked about this?) and He is the only one who can fix every problem you have.

Keep your eyes on Jesus. Seek Him out when you wanna slap the stupid out of someone. He will give you the strength when people humiliate….shame….anger….hurt you.

He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him;

will be with him in trouble;

I will deliver him and honor him.

psalm 91:15

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