I don’t like

I don’t like when things go my way. I think I’ve said that once or twice

Or more.

Moving on….

God has truly been leading me on a path when I’m realizing more and more. It’s not about me. It’s not about what I want and?

It sucks

I hate not being able to control stuff. Ahem.

But what am I learning from this? Trust. Patience. Hope. Faith.

I really hate it.

But know God has a point with this …. Right?

All that we’ve endured this past year and whatever heads our way – as scary as the unknown is and seriously I’m getting an anxiety attack thinking of it.

It’s gonna be okay. While it might not be good – man that hurt to write. But it will be okay. God will use whatever happens in my life to bring Him glory.

And that’s the purpose of our Christian lives right? To bring Him glory.

So Lord here I am. I pray you use me to bring you glory.

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  1. This was good-you we’re worried this morning that it did not make sense. God was leading you even in your moment of weakness.

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