Being minimized

Oh this sucks. Being minimized. Being gaslit. Not being recognized for having authority. Being told over and over you are nothing and worth nothing.

Nothing wrong with that right? I mean we aren’t worth the love of God right? So therefore we deserve nothing and need to act like it.

Cause we are nothing.

This was how I was raised. While I do agree that we are not worthy of heaven or anything God blesses us with – what I DONT agree with is being minimized.

We are worthy of respect.

We are worthy of love.

We need to respect and love each other no matter how we feel about the other person.

No matter how much we disagree…no matter how humiliated they make you feel….no matter how many times they slap you in the face?

You need to show them love. Why?

Cause you don’t know what they are going through. You don’t know the pain they are experiencing. You don’t know their mind.

We are human. We are not perfect – far from it. This world is dificult and lonely. You have no idea what your kind word…patience…love will do for them.

Remember God has called us to be servants and to show love.

14 Let all that you do

be done with love.

1 Corinthians 16:14

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