An addict just sayin

As an addict of pain pills – it’s not easy. Especially when you suffer from chronic pain. Im just sayin: sitting here watching a movie and all I can think about is my neck pain and how good taking any pill would be. Anything to get rid of this pain.

Simple. Easy. Just take one pill right? One won’t hurt. But that’s how it starts. Just one.

Just one time.

No. It wouldn’t be simple … it wouldn’t be just one time. As an addict I know – just one time is all you need to start a snowball.

One thing leads to another and another.

Life of an addict is not easy and I struggle with these thoughts daily. Quite honestly there is no way I could get through without God.

My food addictions

My people pleasing (yes that’s an addiction)

Each craving is different. sometimes I get through with distractions and sometimes with a good ole cup of joe. I have different tricks to get through a moment. Sometimes it’s cutting off 95% of my social media presence. Every one is different

One thing that stays constant in my life? Jesus. Only by the grace of God do I get through.


Bible time


Distracting my mind.


It’s a struggle that I have brought upon myself but I know that my God will get me through.

The LORD is on my side;

I will not fear.

What can man do to me?

Psalm 118:6

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