I’ve talked about this several times but heres a run down of what you can do when … ya know when there are times … whew. No words can describe how overwhelmed I get. The feelings of inadequacy and failings come almost daily. But that’s when I hafta sit back and count my blessings.

When my kids get to meltdown city or as we commonly call it: having a big emotion; I tell them to go over their list. Their list of good things.

Why share this? Cause it works for every age.

I have a list too.

My list includes:
1. Bible reading
2. sermons (from various pastors)
3. Revive Our Hearts podcast
3. I love Lucy
4. Books (I usually use audible)
5. Praise Music
6. Go for a walk
7. Spending time in prayer
8. Some form of exercise (weight training, stretching, running….you get the drift)

I could go on – but those are some basic things.

Each persons list should be their own. Meaning it shows what affects you – puts your mood in the right place. Gets your focus back to God. cause the problem – at least for me is: I’m trying to do this life in my strength.

yeah the old control thing again.

There are a lot of things going on in this world – all meant to take our eyes off of God. Our job is to fight. Fight like its nobody’s business to get our attention back to God.

Cause lemme tell you – the enemy is cunning (see Revelation 12:9) … he is sneaky as well … a snake. He will put little lies into your heart that if not put in check will make you take your eyes off of God and believe those lies.

The point is in those moments – cause they are gonna happen. We are human and fail after all. Shoo – ive been going through it myself recently. Anyways….what was I saying?

In those moments is to internally? Scream for Jesus. Get your attention back to where it belongs. Cause God has overcome it all for us already. Our job is to stop trying to do it on our own and cry out to Him.

For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.

romans 8:5

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