Major fail

Ever have a day where you just have one major fail after major fail after major fail after major fail? Was that enough fails for the day? Well my day is not over – so apparently not.

I seriously just cant even deal right now.

The enemy is attacking over and over and i am just….done. So officially done.

But right there in that moment?

Right in those moments of “holy crap I cant take this anymore”?

That right there is where God wants us.

Weird thought right? But think about it, the more and more we try to do things on our own? The more we are gonna have those major fail moments.

Those are the moments where God wants us so that we can finally see: we really cant and we need to give it over to God.

When you finally give God the control ……. that is where you find true peace.

God knows what you need when you need it and where and how. Did I get them all?

Now just to remind myself that …. every 5 mins.

A man’s heart plans his way,

But the LORD directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

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