the sky

She walked quietly down the beach, hands stuffed in her pockets. She stopped and looked up to the sky.

She always loved walking down the beach when the world overwhelmed her and became too much. She needed this reminder.

If she let her thoughts run rampant, she would get consumed with them. If she let her guard down, they would drop her in the deepest of despair. This beautiful salty wind, moving her dark hair violently in its wake, would cleanse her from the deepest of darkness.

The feel of the sand reminded her what was right. Reminded her what was true. That things would be clear and that even though it bothered her in the moment – she would get through to the other side.

The feel of the waves cooled off her hot head. How she hated her temper … how she would lose control and say things she didn’t mean. Why did I do that? She wish she could understand but she knew God would show her.

All of this reminded her that this was all made for her.

It kept her going.

That no matter how horrible her world seemed? That God was there. That God would get her through and that she needed to lean on Him.

She continued walking down the beach, stopping once in a while to look up to the sky.

And smile.

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