So its Day 6

remember how I told you I was doing that love challenge for my husband? So its Day 6. Right? shoo….its February 10th. Yeah. Its …. wow. NO. not on his part but wow on my part. Like wow…how I really have this need to control stuff. Its ridiculous.

Not only do I have that need but i get truly panicky when I dont see that control. You see with me? I see things in black and white. Like if you say this thing you mean that.

Yeah I know cryptic but thats all you are getting.

Anyways. When you say something I take it at face value and then end up freaking out that you are not doing what I think you should be doing – get what I mean now?

Which leaves no room for people to be people ya know?

What i am getting at is that i’ve noticed? Not only do I freak out that I basically do not have control over people…..

But I go complaining about it to everyone in the world …. except God.

I mean how do I expect God to work if I am going to …. whoever …. to complain about how people are not doing things correctly. Instead of going to God?

Sorry God has really been showing me what a knucklehead i am being and its difficult to realize. Ya know?

But I am grateful. I am grateful that I took this challenge and I am learning to not only be a better wife….but a better person. I was gonna go through the whole list of people I am – but see? I am learning.

I have been searching for this bible verse for months and i finally found it and truly understood it today:

As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout,

So is a lovely woman who lacks [a]discretion.

proverbs 11:22

Here is the information on the challenge and Revive Our Hearts:

Revive Our Hearts Podcast

For Women Only

30 Day Encouragement Challenge

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