the stare

she just looked at him in wonder. “I wonder where he goes in that stare,” she said to her husband. The stare she was referring to was her sons. He would just get into this zone and stare. Nothing would be wrong. Nothing would be off – just the stare.

She once asked her son about it, “I dont know,” came the short response.

She worried about his son. Constantly.

Would he be taken advantage of?

Would someone hurt him?

Does he know whats happening?

Will he find love?

Will he be able to hold a job?

Will he have a friend that understands him?

She held solace in the thought that if she could find love.…..but she still was scared.

Theres nothing like being a mom. But being a mom of a child with autism? Invites thoughts that would overtake her.

God please protect him.

She found herself being overprotective of him. Trying to keep the hurt from him – but it never worked out the way she thought it would.

He still saw the evils of this world – and just pushed it off as people who needed Jesus. He actually felt bad for the bullies who picked on him.

thank you Lord for his kindness – but please God. Please protect him

She tried not to let the feeling of helplessness take over.

She had to trust God.

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