I messed up

You ever think how you messed up? How God could’ve used you to bless someone immensely and boom. You mess up and all you can think: “I messed up Gods plan royally and I’m going to hell”?

No? Just me?

Well if you have lemme remind of you something that I’m learning: Gods plans are bigger than you.

You and I are so important to Him. But He has a plan and knows everything and anything that will or will not happen.

He’s prepared.

You are not. You are gonna fail. I know I have. majorly.

One time I asked God to bring some one to my literal door so I can witness to them. Next day? A knock came to my door.

And I hid.

I don’t know what happened to that person but I do know God has a plan and it’s up to Him to make that plan work. Not us.

Do we need to be willing to let God be God? Yes. we need to be open to Gods leading? Yes. But we need to know one very important thing: God is in control. Not us.

Thank God for that.

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