ok so technically

ok so technically? I never finished the challenge – wha? Its hard when all you can think about is fighting the demons in your own head. But what did I learn? A lot.

Like yeah, I’m supposed to be my husbands help – but i am also to be me. So i stepped up my game in the help department and encouragement department as much as I could. I didnt do it everyday – mostly cause the husband was getting sick and tired of me encouraging him.

I would encourage anyone to go through that. It was very eye opening. I saw how selfish I was being and how much pressure on him but? I also saw – most importantly – he loved me for me.

He likes my snarky butt.

He likes me being real and open and honest and giving my opinion.

Part of the challenge was not giving your opinion but giving him clues to what it is. Or something like that. As you can see that part never sat well with me.


I would encourage to do this to anyone so that you can see from your spouses viewpoint and realize the true love that yall have.

The mister and I are on 19 yrs together. Its very easy to get lost in a complacency – and I was scared that was happening to us. So i pushed – which i didnt need to.

I am still gonna do a version of it – cause I need encouragement and reminders of what really matters in a relationship. ya know?

The voice of my beloved!

Behold, he comes

Leaping upon the mountains,

Skipping upon the hills.

Song of solomon 2:8

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