she looked around the floor. Everything was drenched. The chairs. the floor. the garbage can. the recycling.

“Sorry mommy”

Of course this happens when my husband is not home and its a bad pain day. Of course, she thought to herself.

She sighed.

“Take everything upstairs”

And she began the arduous task of cleaning the orange juice from every crevice.

Oh God. This is gonna attract ants.

Not again. Ants. This is gonna freak out my son.

She got angrier.

And of course he’s away.

The anger rose even higher.

“Why always me?” she asked to God

She immediately stopped.

Her minded was flooded with thoughts she forgot. She was little and made many, many mistakes. And how she felt when she would make a mistake. She remember what she was told. then she thought of her daughter.

After cleaning, she talked with her daughter.

“I thought you didn’t want to see me,” came the quiet voice.

“Ay Baby. I am gonna have big emotions. Huge ones. But that has NOTHING to do with how much I love you. I always want to see and be with you,” she smiled, “except when I am in the bathroom. Nope. Sorry kid thats mommy time.”

Her daughter laughed.

“we all make mistakes, we apologize if we need to and then? We move on right?”

Her daughter nodded in agreement.

“Now how much do I love you?”

“too much,” her daughter giggled and gave her a big hug.

You better believe it kid, she thought as she sighed in relief.

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