Mom life sucks

Hi my friend – oh yes. I said it. I’m going on … 16yrs married and 19yrs devoted to my lover man. 13yrs as a mom and One thing I have learned? This mom life … wife life … whatever you want to call it? Is so freaking lonely. This sucks.

Being the one that everyone relies on … but forgets? Oh my Lord.

Being the only one holding the broken pieces … of your heart? Oh my word.

Being the one that has to be levelheaded all the time? Sweet Jesus it’s not fair.

I’m right there with you. Feeling the loneliness. Feeing those feelings. I hate it. But I know this is the road God has me on – and like all things? It’s not forever. So here’s what I’m learning. Cause y’all know I love to share…

Society puts such ideas in our heads: find your happiness! Seek your good! Don’t forget about you! Make sure to take care of you.

I mean yeah – it has me up to a point. 10000000000% you hafta take care of your mental health; but friend. Remember this war we are in the middle of. A war for our souls. (See Ephesians 6:12f)

Your family is just as important.

Do you know that our Godly relationships with our husbands and kids are a direct example of our relationship with God? So what is the enemy gonna do? Attack our families and our marriages big time.

It sucks right? You have these ideas (hmmm wonder who put those ideas there?) of what things should be like – it’s hard to accept Gods will as … well … His will. I know its perfect but guess what the ideals of society has done? It’s weaseled it’s way in – yet again.

It has started this idea of perfect-ness, convincing moms “we need to be on point always” and all that jazz that moms “need” to have/be. And of course, being “perfect” is part of being a good Christian mom – like if you are not perfect you are not part of Gods will. Y’all? it makes me want to rebel. Not from God but from those ideals that have been masquerading as Gods will. And I’ll admit – I do sometimes.

Okay. A lot.

Sorry, Mommy is in a timeout. Sorry – I’m not doing that, it’s my day off.

My kids have gotten so used to me saying that – they understand. I’m a person too. Are things perfect?

Ha. not even close.

But I know being real and open with my family? Helps. A lot.

Things can be so lonely – again someone somewhere made us think we need to be perfect. But we aren’t alone. God is there trying to help you. Stop trying to do it all yourself. How? Talk. Talk to God. Talk to your spouse.

Talk people!

Someone (when will the madness stop?) told us we can’t talk about how we truly feel. I’m here to tell you. No. That’s not true. be open. Be honest and?

Rebel just a little.

Let those dishes pile up. Let the vacuuming stay … un-vacuumed? Just be human. Remember God knows we can’t be perfect – so why do we think we need to be?

He heals the brokenhearted

And binds up their wounds.

Psalms 147:3

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