oh boy

i am the nosey type. I love being in the “know” … I love having the dish. oh boy do I. Its ridiculous. My first real memory of being nosey was when my mom caught my brother and I watching the upstairs neighbors play in the pool in our backyard; through the back window. At the time I couldn’t understand why my mom wouldn’t let us play with those kids all the time (more on that in a minute) – but my funny first memory about being nosey is that time. My mom called us away from the window we were blatantly staring out of and stated: We don’t stare its nosey and rude.

Then about 5 – 10 minutes later? I found my mom sneakily looking out the same window watching the same kids. I still tease her about that to this day….but i never understood why she did that. I never understood why she would watch those kids and I couldn’t. I never understood those times when I wasn’t able to play with those kids.

Until now.

I find myself doing the same. My daughter is dealing with ….. lets just say not the best of friend choices. So I find myself watching her and her friends. I find myself asking her 3000000000000000000000000000 (truly not enough zeros) questions about everything that happened.

And yes.

I do watch Sunday school classes from the back to see her and her so called friends.

And I get it.

A mama? Never ever gives up protecting her kids.

But I think the big thing to take away is that? we protect too. I talk with her and show her how to make better choices. I talk to her and show her how to stand up for herself. I talk with her and show her how a child of God needs to be treated. I show her how she needs to treat others.

Just like my mom did to me.

You see? Those neighbor kids?

And thats all I will say about that. I am grateful my mom talked to me and showed me (although not all the time lol) how to be more Christ like. She showed me how to tell the difference between right and wrong (dude …. I wont go on but dude)

my point? Talk with your kids. Its so important during this time of confusion that we stand up and protect our kids. And?


Pray heavily for your family friends. Now more than ever.

Train up a child in the way he should go,

And when he is old he will not depart from it.

proverbs 22:6

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