the look

she looked quickly up to see if he was looking. and there it was. the look and? his smile. her heart skipped a beat.

Oh my goodness that smile, she giggled as she thought to herself, he is so cute.

She quickly sat down and took a breath.

and went on with her day. Or so she thought.

He joined her and her friends, going downstairs. She didn’t dare look at him. She thought she would freak.

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.

He was kind, friendly. He immediately took to talking with her friends – yet she didn’t dare look at him.

Why am I acting like a 5yr old?

They ended up downstairs. She walked quickly toward the doors.

Oh my goodness let me get out of here before I do something stupid.


She was stopped short as the realization set in….

she just tried to walk through a locked door.

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! Did anyone see that?

Good job Jess

She didn’t look back and found the correct door and ran out.

I cant believe that just happened. I will never be able to look him in the face again.

19 yrs later? I’m glad i walked into that door.

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