I am coming out fighting

As y’all know I’m a spoonie. I’m a chronic illness sufferer. I have several issues that I’m waiting for genetic testing results – or however you say that correctly. Sorry it’s been a day. But I’m here to say? I’m done and I am coming out fighting. Lemme splain

So I’ve been doing this stomach cleanse and been doing good with it – or so I thought. Clearly.

This cleanse (that says it’s not a cleanse but totally is) makes you eat more plant proteins than normal. No problem I used to be vegan (oh loooong story that we will get used to). So I start adding beans – that I got from a health store that I trust. No problem.

Then that started getting expensive so trusty Costco came through w a huge supply of this brand name bean. Score right? Oh no.

Come to find out? This sneaky bean company has one of my food allergens hidden in it – that I didn’t realize. I have been so sick these past couple of weeks. It’s been ridiculous. My skin is dry and itchy, my face is peeling (sorry but it is).

Ok not this bad but seriously ridiculous

Ok. We need to have more choices for people who have food allergies. Food that is not ridiculously expensive and is not tampered with.

Food that tastes good (please don’t get me started on gluten free pasta). If not recipes that are easily translated (is that the word?) to be good….holy crap I’m struggling bad right now with these words. Lemme stop.

I think we need to start fighting for better food. Yes. Jesus is coming soon but until then? I’m gonna fight for my kids and I to have an actual life.

Just saying.

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