I’ve just seen Jesus

Ever heard of Sandi Patty or Larnel Harris? Oh boy I hope I spelled that right. Anyways they sang a song together: I’ve just seen Jesus. It’s a beautiful song … click here to listen.

My mom used to listen to both these artists regularly growing up – don’t know why she stopped.


Real quick it’s a song about when Jesus first appears to … we’ll … everyone, after His death.

Y’all I used to obsess over this song. i saw how it affected my mom and understood it was an important song. I didn’t know why but I saw my mom cry and sang this song.

Btw my mom could sang. Proud daughter moments sorry

As the years passed I forgot about it. Then? YouTube was invented and I don’t remember how I found it but … yall? I remember the night. My husband was working overnights then and I had nothing to do. So enter into this moment.

I spent a good 45 mins hysterical crying and sanging my heart out. Not to toot my own horn but I can’t sing for nothing – but it didn’t stop me. Then sometime later? My husband heard me sing and to this day from time to time he plays it for me to sing my heart out.

Tonight? I just heard the song again. Y’all it hit. I finally got it. I finally felt it. It hit hard tonight.

It’s about being in such deep, all encompassing despair and hearing that hope. No no. Seeing that hope. That God didn’t forget about us. He’s always there. For me. For you.

How do I know?

The LORD looks from heaven;

He sees all the sons of men.

Psalms 33:13

Jesus sees us and He thinks of us and prays for us and He died for us. He would do anything for us.

He loves me. He loves you.

Look to the hope that will get you through my friend.

I’ve just seen Jesus
I tell you he’s alive
I’ve just seen Jesus
Our precious lord alive
And I knew, he really saw me too
As if till now, I’d never lived
All that I’d done before
Won’t matter anymore

I’ve Just seen Jesus

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