Talking about that Spoonie life

Yeah here I am talking about that Spoonie life again. Oh well. But bear with me cause I am gonna use that to show you how Jesus changed me. Long story short? It’s been a crappy 3yrs of my body breaking down. Here’s a pic of me during my worst:

I used to chronicle my health journey on instagram hence the tag. But this is at my worst health wise. Huge bald spot that was growing worse daily, weakness, joint pain, rapid weight loss. Ugh. I was a mess.

I “felt” great cause – well outside of my hair – cause I thought this was supposed to be the norm for me. I’m supposed to look this weight and therefore I’ll just deal with it.

You see I was suffering from … let’s just say major (what I thought were) IBS symptoms. I barely could keep anything down so I loss a ton of weight. Then I started a vitamin that helped me gain weight – but then other things started breaking down. I gained 50+ lbs back quickly and … well ehlers danlos was diagnosed, thyroid, Covid (I actually got it) and so on.

At my recent doctors appt I finally realized (good Lord it took too long to realize) that I wasn’t feeding myself correctly. I tried fad diet after fad diet. Quick cleanses after cleanse. All the stupid stuff I could until I finally heard the Lord.

Chill out Jess. Okay he didn’t say that exactly but you get my drift. I needed to feed myself with the right foods at the right times. Get what I am saying now?

There is always a good time for the Lord right? But what happens when you don’t get that time? You get sick. You get hurt. You Lose sight.

We need to always keep our focus on God cause … how else are we gonna function?

.I will lift up my eyes to the hills—

From whence comes my help?

My help comes from the LORD,

Who made heaven and earth.

Psalms 121:1-2

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