I hate baseball

Ugh. I hate baseball. No. I loathe…despise…baseball. It infuriates me. In my soul I hate baseball. I am not a big sports fan – I can get into basketball but other sports?

My husband is a huge sports fan. And I’m talking all sports. But his true love is baseball. Never misses a game. Lets just say its a … pressure point? It aggravates me. To my core. Yes, I’m ashamed to say I always make snide comments and eye rolls. And so on … yeah. Moving on.

This baseball season? It’s been different, I’ve been trying to get involved. I ask questions, make remarks. I am present. Why? I don’t know why exactly – okay I do. But that’s too personal so we move on. but what Have I noticed?

We are laughing more. We are talking more. We are more relaxed. Why? Cause I changed my view and I stopped trying to make things my way. Cause it’s not about me – yeah ma i said that. Yeah. I’m still learning tho.

Being a servant is hard but getting that joy? Getting to see that peace cause I realize what my true ministry is? Thank you Lord for that.

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