I’m not perfect. Shocking I know. But growing up? I was taught … no it was more implied that I needed to achieve perfection. Like it’s the goal. As a girl, as a student, as a woman , as an employee, as a wife, as a mother and of course as a Christian.

It pisses me off. Okay wai … wai .. wait a minute. Lemme get to my point.

I know we are supposed to be Christ like. I know He is perfection but I am talking about me as a human. And just so you know? God knew we weren’t gonna be perfect – that’s why he sent Jesus.

But instilled – is that the right word? – in me is the idea that I need to be perfect. I need to have all my ducks in a row and I need to have everything figured out.

I need to always want to be a servant and I need to always want to parent and mother and all that jazz.

But sometimes? I don’t. Heck…most of the time if I wanna be truly honest.

I think that’s the problem I have – I can’t achieve it. And thereby…therefore…comes my issues with – everything.

When did it become the norm that we needed to be perfect? I’m striving to be Christ like and I’m striving to love like He does, but I’m not perfect and then I get mad at myself for that.

Lord help me to understand this. Help me to be more like you and love like you do.

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