I like carbs

I do. No. Not I like carbs .. I love carbs. No this isnt a diet post or a health post. And I know we talked about this recently but bear with me….wait….bare….bear…which one is it?


I love a good sandwich. I love toast. I love…it all. Anyways. I went keto to lose the most of my weight and then I started getting sick so I had to stop. Then I got covid. Then my thyroid and on and on. I tried staying low carb but what I noticed? Is that when I didn’t have a good balanced meal and right water in take? I felt like crap. Like dragging on the floor exhaustion. Still have yet to talk to a doctor about that. I mean I have an appt next month but still … no talking about it.

So we are back from our mini-vacay. On this vacation? I didn’t have carbs – not by choice. The only carbs I had was popcorn…i love it to pieces but man. It doesn’t meet that need. I still felt like crap. I was dragging. I was nauseous the whole time. Today once we got home I knew to get the sandwich in and?

Y’all………the peace that I felt in my body.

Funny how it made me think about God. Don’t it always though?

You ever notice how crappy you feel if you don’t get that time with the Lord? No?

Why not?

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