All about genetics

Yeah. All about genetics – what does that even mean? Well in this instance? If means I got the results back from my genetics test back finally.

I do not have certain forms of Ehlers Danlos … but I can still have one version. How do I find if I have that? I go see another doctor. A geneticist…

It takes … excuse. I hafta wait 8 months to get an appointment.

I hate waiting.

So you would think I would be happy. But I’m not. When I told my husband? He had the same response as me: so what do you have?

I’m tired of this.

That’s the thing that sucks in my journey as a Spoonie … what is wrong with me. Why am I suffering? Why? Why? Why?

Y’all I can unravel and just be a bump ya know? But I’m keeping my focus on God. Cause I know … I know … He will be with me.

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