Well this is interesting

My life. My life is taking an interesting turn. I don’t know where I left y’all (I write these in advance) … but I do not have the vascular version of ehlers danlos. But I need to see a geneticist for the hyper mobile version. Turns out in this state there are only 2 places where I can be evaluated and? One place is not taking anymore patients right now. That’s not the interesting part. In the meantime I’ve been dealing with varying symptoms that each of my doctors told me so see my cardiologist. Well this is where it gets interesting.

So here are the symptoms: I have been increasingly dizzy and weak to the point of almost passing out. The degrees of this change. But I noticed a reprieve when I started eating carbs again. But the past couple of days it got worse – so then I talked with all my doctors. We know where that leads


I talked with my cardiologist and I’m gonna be put on a monitor for a week next month. That’s not the interesting part.

One of my doctors made a comment about my sodium levels. So I checked it out – was normal but a little on the low side. Thing is? This past month? I’ve been eating a lot of pretzels. No really. a lot. Full salt too.

That’s when I started digging, while my sodium levels have always been in the normal range? I have always had a diet high in salt. But yet? I have never had a doctor talk to me about my salty diet. Never. I have always been in the normal range, according to my past bloodwork levels. But here’s the thing: I eat about an average of 3g of salt a day – I went back as far as I started my weight loss journey (food journals and all).

I don’t know what to think or where to leave this post except to pray.

Lord I commit my health to you. Guide me. Please

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