Just a hint

Pardon our regularly scheduled programming to bring a laugh. Just a hint of what it’s like to be married.

So our bathroom we have a shower stall. Apparently it’s in style now. So we hang our towels right on the stall like so.

We hang our clean clothes from the hooks and there ya go. But after my husband takes a shower it looks like this…

To which I always complain .. he laughs and so on. We’ve lived here 5yrs now and has always done the same thing. Pick your battles and all I just move it.

Which makes him complain that his towel is not gonna dry right – which I don’t know how. Nope stopping myself there.

Anyways, y’all know how I’ve been going through it lately. Well he’s been as cute as ever helping and encouraging me. Then I saw this…

All you can do is laugh. Which I really need lately. Thank you Lord for him.

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