Gotta do a moment and talk about a very brave moment from my daughter. We went on vacation last week (I think…again I post at different times) and we went to a water park. Hold the phone lemme back track.

My daughter has sensory issues and hates water on her face. No literally for the first few years of her life … actually until she was like 7 … she used to scream bloody murder when I would wash her hair.

We now understand her sensory issues and we have learned to deal with it – but her fear has caused all sorts of issues when it comes to the pool.

Now don’t get me wrong she loves the pool but getting her face and top of her head wet?

So when we went to this water park? my husband made a deal with her that if she jumped into the pool he would get her a video game. If you thought that motivated her? you would be wrong.

We didn’t say anything to her outside of a reminder and we spent our time playing. Then a little girl came near us and started jumping in the pool. After the girl jumped into the pool several times my daughter got the courage. But she would always stop short of the pools edge.

My in laws came over ,encouraging her as well to jump and? she jumped in – while holding my father-in-law’s hand. I was so proud. The joy I felt and still feel – man. Makes me wonder how God feels when we get brave and spread the good news.

It’s scary y’all – I get it. I’m right there with ya but sometimes you just gotta jump in and share how Jesus changed your life. and just so you know Gods there holding ya hand.

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