Oh holy goodness gracious

Y’all. I just got my euflexxa shot. This shot is a medicated gel that goes straight into my knee to help manage the arthritis and subluxation pain. oh holy goodness gracious great balls of fire was that painful.

First off, I got to the appointment a little late. I was so concentrated on the fact that it was my arthritis that I went to my rheumatologist. Thank God they are close together.

Anyways, the PA is giving me the rundown and the gives me the shot. I legit screamed out “Oh My God!!!!” I couldn’t think of breathe.

Yall. I sweated badly it was so painful. by Gods grace alone I was able to walk out of there … and drive home … and climb up 2 flights of stairs. I am currently on the couch icing my knee I’m in so much pain.

The worst part? I hafta get the shot 2 more times.

Lord Jesus grant me the grace.

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