Things are rough here

Things are rough here .. yes. I am currently going through some symptoms that include weakness to the point of collapsing. It’s even gotten as far as passing out. But? I push on.

I want to be able to shut out the world and just stay in all day. Especially on a flare day. Shoo on flare days I don’t even want to eat or drink. But I do. Why? Cause of these kids

We go bowling … we go see plays … we go to water parks. We do the things so that they can see the world. So they can have that joy. Even if I’m suffering.

I stay quiet mostly about my illness – well at least with them. Don’t judge me on my twitter feed. I’m a whiner. But with them? I’m just mom.

They know there’s something happening with me and about my appointments and stuff. We are completely upfront about that but I refuse to let them see the severity. I refuse to let them see me cry.

Not because of pride … or even their anxiety. But I refuse to let them have that memory of me. Cause it’s not about me. It’s about living to be an example to them.

God wants us to be examples of Christ’s love to all that we come across.

Are you?

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