You ain’t seen nuffin

Slowly but surely I’m gonna let you see what changes I need to make to my diet to feel … human. Like extra water and salt. Y’all? Lemme tell you…you ain’t seen nuffin yet

This totals 123 ozs together.

That’s just the beginning. I also had 50zs during my workout and about 30ozs of water while the kids were bowling.

The thing is? I hate drinking. I hate it. Right now my stomach is so garbled I can’t even fathom drinking right now. On those days I know I’m barely gonna make 200ozs.

I think I told you this … But on physically busy days? I can get over 300.

And that? Is when I start feeling normal. As I write this on my phone – the world is spinning. We went out shopping and took kids bowling….my arms feel like they are 4000000 lbs. I haven’t drank enough…

I hafta drink this water.

Just so you know – that’s typical of POTS patients. Another time I’ll share my salt intake. I’m too tired now…

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