Depression sucks

I think people have this idea about depression. That it’s an all encompassing sadness … a depreciating life. No my friend, depression sucks more than that.

No. That’s not even close to what we go through. When I go through a bout? I get an all encompassing emptiness. I feel nothing. I spend most days (during an episode) faking any emotion cause I feel nothing.

the enemy uses this to trick you (& me) into different things … that you are not loved. that you are not needed. that you suck. that you need to leave. The enemy takes this medical condition and convinces others – that you are just not a good christian. that you have no faith or that you are not strong enough. or you arent trusting.


in the darkest places of your mind are things you cant even fathom – things that you will convince you of the worst. Especially if you are not surrounding yourself with the Lord. Even then? surrounding yourself is only half the battle – why? cause this is 1000000% a medical condition.

Now I am not speaking of being depressed cause a significant other broke your heart …. i am not talking of a depressed feeling cause you dont have something …. i am talking about an all encompassing emptiness. I am talking about such a deep dark hurt.

Why am i talking about this? Cause we need to start talking. talking to someone. anyone. I am talking about God bombing yourself but I am also talking about counseling. I am talking about being open and honest how you are struggling.

That bottle of alcohol wont fix you.

That specific illegal substance wont help.

Sex wont help.

Getting true medicine and getting help from a professional therapist … pastor … friend .. or stranger.


You are not alone.

Keep fighting. Keep seeking out God. and TALK.

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